How to purchase and use Värska Resort Centre gift cards

Purpose and scope of the conditions

1) The following terms and conditions apply to the legal relations between the person making a purchase in the e-shop at (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer) and the owner of the e-shop (hereinafter referred to as the Company) when purchasing products and services. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the legal relationships described above are also governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

2) For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the owner of the e-shop is AS Värska sanatoorium with registration number 10243330, which is located at Väike-Rõsna village, 64034, Setomaa municipality, Võru county, Republic of Estonia. The e-shop’s customer service can be contacted by phone +372 7993901 every day from 7 am to 11 pm Estonian time and by e-mail at, to which incoming e-mails are usually answered within two working days.

3) E-shop sales items are gift cards, which are specially designed according to the Buyer’s needs. The gift card can be used to pay for all the services of Värska Resort Centre up to the value of the gift card during its validity. There are two types of gift cards: 1) an e-giftcard, which is issued digitally via e-mail; 2) an ordinary gift card issued in physical form at a service outlet or by ordinary mail. The purchaser can set the amount of the gift card, personalise the message to the recipient and, in the case of e-gift cards, choose the appropriate design. Upon purchase of the gift card, the Buyer or the recipient of the gift card designated by the Buyer will be issued a unique product code, which can be used to pay for the services of the Värska Spa Treatment Centre at the service outlet of the Sanatorium or the Water Centre.

4) If the Buyer is between 7 and 18 years of age or a person of limited legal capacity, the Buyer confirms at the time of making the purchase that his/her legal representative or guardian has approved the transaction with the Company, or the Buyer makes the purchase with means provided by his/her legal representative or, with the consent of the latter, by a third party for the purpose or free use of the means.

5) These Terms and Conditions do not regulate the subsequent use of Värska Resort Center services (e.g. accommodation, ordering alcoholic beverages in the room), which may be subject to other legal restrictions.

Price and payment

6) The price of the gift card includes the VAT applicable in Estonia. No additional fees are added to the value of the e-gift card. In the case of a standard gift card, the value of the gift card may be subject to a handling and shipping fee based on the selected delivery method, which the Buyer can find information about in advance on the product page of the specific gift card, and the additional fee will also be displayed as a separate line in the e-shop shopping cart before the card is sent to the payment environment.

7) Payment for the gift card is made in advance by bank transfer or by credit card in the payment environment linked to the e-shop. Immediately after the payment has been made, the Buyer must click on the “Back to Merchant” button to register the payment immediately.

Delivery conditions

8) The e-gift voucher will be issued to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer either immediately after payment or at 00:00 on the date specified by the Buyer on the product page of the gift voucher.

9) The standard gift card will be issued, depending on the chosen delivery method, either at the Värska Sanatorium and Water Centre counter or sent to the postal address specified by the Buyer by ordinary mail within 2 working days. The delivery time for gift cards sent by regular mail depends on the postal company.

Using gift cards

10) The gift card can be used to pay for all the products and services of Värska Resort Centre in the Sanatorium’s or Water Centre’s service packages or in the e-shop environment within the value or free balance indicated on the gift card.

11) Gift cards cannot be used to purchase another gift card.

12) When using the gift card at the Värska sanatorium or Water park counter, you must present its unique 16-digit code, show the gift card to the counter attendant from your smart device to enter the code, or give the gift card in printed form. You do not need to print out the e-giftcard.

13) The Gift Card Buyer or the person who received the Gift Card as a gift shall ensure that the Gift Card code does not fall into the possession of third parties who are not entitled to use the Gift Card.

14) The gift card code may only be used to pay for the services and products of Värska Resort Centre by the person entitled to do so – the Buyer who has purchased the gift card, the person designated by the Buyer as the recipient of the gift card or the person authorised by the recipient of the gift card. In case of reasonable doubt, the staff of Värska Resort Centre reserves the right to suspend the provision of services paid for with a gift card until all the circumstances have been clarified.

15) If the value of the goods and services chosen by the gift card user exceeds the value of the gift card or the available balance, the user will be required to pay the remaining amount.

16) If the value of the goods and services chosen by the gift card user is less than the value of the gift card, the remaining balance from the previous purchase can be used later until the expiry of the gift card. There is no limit to the number of purchases.

17) The beneficiary has the possibility to obtain information from the Company about the available balance and the expiry date of the gift card by submitting a request via the e-shop or the Company’s contact details.

Period of validity

18) The gift card is valid for up to 12 months from the date of purchase, unless a shorter period is indicated on the product label of the gift card.

19) The last day of validity of the gift card is indicated on the bottom of the card in the form day/month/year (e.g.. For example, the last day of validity of the gift card will be 11 April 2021 and will be marked – 11/04/2021).

20) If the expiry date is exceeded, the gift card can no longer be used as a means of payment and will be cancelled.

21) Individual services paid for with a gift card must be used before the card expires. In the case of treatment or relaxation packages, the package must have started and the gift card code must be presented for payment before the expiry date of the gift card.

Return and refund

22) The gift card cannot be returned or exchanged for money after it has been issued. There is no possibility of returning gift cards, as a gift card with a monetary value will be designed according to the Buyer’s personal needs.

Protection of personal data

23) The Company shall process personal data collected through the use of the e-shop in accordance with the general principles of data processing and the use of cookies adopted by AS Värska sanatoorium. The Company shall transfer the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to the processor. The Company will not disclose personal data to other parties without the consent of the Buyer.


24) Disputes arising between the Buyer and the Company in connection with the use of the e-shop shall be resolved by negotiation. The question or complaint must be submitted in a reproducible form at the contacts referred to in point 2 of these Terms and Conditions and within a reasonable time from the time when the facts of the case become known. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, the Buyer has the right to take the matter to the Consumer Protection Board or the courts.